The Most Expensive

The Most Expensive product you can buy today
1st Mansion
2ndExecutive Jet 24,250,000
2ndBra 4,813,296
2ndBugatti Veyron 810,000
2ndDiamond Crypto Smartphone 692,000
2ndLuxury Car 298,900
2ndSuper Yacht Charter 291,000
2ndRichard Mille RM008 Watch 279,000
2ndSpeakers 237,000
2ndCombat T98 79,177
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The Most Expensive Website Statistics:
Total value of items on the site: 102,180,990
Most Expensive individual item: 70,000,000



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This site is dedicated to monetary extravagance! Lottery winners need look no further you have found your own shopping trolley. Our aim is to build a list of the most expensive possessions money can buy.


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The Opus Football Table is quite simply the most expensive luxurious football table money can buy. ...


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This luxury resort is a tropical sanctuary tastefully designed in the heart of a 5-hectare beachside...